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NAD+ precursor supplementation prevents mtRNA/RIG-I-dependent inflammation during kidney injury.

Doke T, Mukherjee S, Mukhi D, Dhillon P, Abedini A, Davis JG, Chellappa K, Chen B, Baur JA, Susztak K. 

Nat Metab. 2023 

Single-cell analysis highlights differences in druggable pathways underlying adaptive or fibrotic kidney regeneration.

Balzer MS, Doke T, Yang YW, Aldridge DL, Hu H, Mai H, Mukhi D, Ma Z, Shrestha R, Palmer MB, Hunter CA, Susztak K. 

Nat Commun. 2022

Epigenomic and transcriptomic analyses define core cell types, genes and targetable mechanisms for kidney disease.

Liu H, Doke T, Guo D, Sheng X, Ma Z, Park J, Vy HMT, Nadkarni GN, Abedini A, Miao Z, Palmer M, Voight BF, Li H, Brown CD, Ritchie MD, Shu Y, Susztak K.

Nat Genet. 2022

Single-cell analysis identifies the interaction of altered renal tubules with basophils orchestrating kidney fibrosis.

Doke T, Abedini A, Aldridge DL, Yang YW, Park J, Hernandez CM, Balzer MS, Shrestra R, Coppock G, Rico JMI, Han SY, Kim J, Xin S, Piliponsky AM, Angelozzi M, Lefebvre V, Siracusa MC, Hunter CA, Susztak K.

Nat Immunol. 2022 

Genome-wide association studies identify the role of caspase-9 in kidney disease.

Doke T, Huang S, Qiu C, Sheng X, Seasock M, Liu H, Ma Z, Palmer M, Susztak K.

Sci Adv. 2021

Transcriptome-wide association analysis identifies DACH1 as a kidney disease risk gene that contributes to fibrosis.

Doke T, Huang S, Qiu C, Liu H, Guan Y, Hu H, Ma Z, Wu J, Miao Z, Sheng X, Zhou J, Cao A, Li J, Kaufman L, Hung A, Brown CD, Pestell R, Susztak K.

J Clin Invest. 2021

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